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We are a teaching-church, teaching the scriptures through African-Eyes

Why buy our Qubtic-Sermons?

Discover the profound insights and transformative wisdom within our Qubtic-Sermons, guiding you towards spiritual enlightenment and personal empowerment like never before.

Learn Deep Understanding of African Theology

By purchasing sermons from The Holy Qubtic-Church, individuals gain access to a wealth of knowledge rooted in African theology. This provides a unique perspective that allows black people worldwide to explore their spirituality through the lens of African heritage, fostering a deeper connection to their cultural and religious roots.

Real-Time Guidance and Answers

The church's commitment to providing real-time answers to questions from any scripture ensures that seekers receive immediate clarity and guidance. This interactive approach facilitates a dynamic learning experience, allowing individuals to engage directly with the teachings and gain a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Accessible Learning Materials:

The availability of videos and audio recordings for purchase at a low, affordable price makes the teachings of The Holy Qubtic-Church easily accessible to a wide audience. This accessibility ensures that individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds can benefit from the valuable insights and teachings offered by the church.

Supporting the Maintenance of the Church:

By purchasing sermons, individuals not only enrich their spiritual journey but also contribute to the maintenance and sustainability of The Holy Qubtic-Church. The proceeds from the sale of these materials help support the ongoing operations of the church, ensuring that its teachings remain accessible to future generations.

Empowerment Through Knowledge:

Through the teachings of The Holy Qubtic-Church, individuals are empowered to explore and understand their identity, history, and spirituality from an African perspective. This knowledge empowers black people worldwide to reclaim their heritage and embrace their cultural identity with pride and confidence.

Community Building and Unity

By engaging with the teachings of The Holy Qubtic-Church, individuals become part of a larger community dedicated to exploring African theology and spirituality. This sense of belonging fosters unity among black people worldwide, creating a supportive network of individuals who are committed to learning and growing together on their spiritual journey.